Wordbrain Flamingo Answers

Flamingo is the newest and toughest puzzle of Wordbrain with solid 20 levels, each difficult than the other. They are all 8×8 puzzles and we have put our efforts in solving them, check out the answers here. Also if you need help with any other level check our Wordbrain answers page. We have developed an innovative system where in you can search for answers in a single page and don’t have to move out of the page.
Flamingo Level 1 – Command, Cottage, Circuit, Prospect, Regard, Provide, Discover, Signal, Scenario
Flamingo Level 2 – Multiple, Stretch, Spread, Wonder, Toward, Practice, Whatever, Degree, Excellent
Flamingo Level 3 – Confront, Serious, Purpose, Ladder, Meadow, Daughter, Choose, Bottle, Themselves
Flamingo Level 4 – Perceive, Science, Account, Infinity, Status, Audience, Partly, Schedule, Exceed
Flamingo Level 5 – Umbrella, Common, Rabbit, Infant, Middle, Welfare, Galaxy, Grocery, Intellectual
Flamingo Level 6 – Impress, Employer, Contract, Gender, Hardly, Working, Gather, Sergeant, Congress
Flamingo Level 7 – Academic, Client, Interior, Glance, Darkness, Tribunal, Mystery, Sudden, Nowhere
Flamingo Level 8 – Fighting, Branch, Problem, Supply, Weapon, Energy, Catholic, Haystack, Criticism
Flamingo Level 9 – Damage, Recent, Announce, Trainer, Pumpkin, Chicken, Specimen, Category, Violent
Flamingo Level 10 – Cultural, Compose, Conflict, Repeat, Capture, Suddenly, Senate, Enable, Resident
Flamingo Level 11 – Producer, Kitchen, Strategy, Beneath, Everyday, Quickly, Customer, Improvement
Flamingo Level 12 – Ambition, Triplets, Opponent, Fraction, Normally, Material, Presence, Organism
Flamingo Level 13 – Bother, Duration, Treaty, Particle, Afraid, Module, Really, Disorder, Difficulty
Flamingo Level 14 – Beauty, Painter, Legacy, Inside, Rocket, Chance, Derive, Broken, Carrot, Eliminate
Flamingo Level 15 – Butcher, Portion, Mostly, Summary, Planet, Assert, Attitude, Creditor, Assistant
Flamingo Level 16 – Proceed, Repair, Cotton, Occasion, Classic, Payment, Reaction, Athletic, However
Flamingo Level 17 – Vehicle, Reveal, Highly, Context, Anyway, Embrace, Persuade, Edition, Absolutely
Flamingo Level 18 – Beehive, Improve, Disagree, Ministry, Increase, Device, Engine, Career, Friendly
Flamingo Level 19 – Believe, Talent, Champion, Moreover, Vacation, Tweezers, Enhance, Professional
Flamingo Level 20 – Doctrine, Product, Property, Hearing, Company, Fortune, Lantern, Briefly, Return

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